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What Does Egypt Have to Offer?

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Plenty, Actually. You could spend a month running from one spectacular place to another and still not run out of places to see and things to do! Still, the only surviving Structures (the 3 Pyramids of Giza) from the 7 Ancient Wonders of the world take your breath away.

Egypt has many other pyramids. This Bent Pyramid was the last imperfect step. Yet it still stands today.

King Tut. The only tomb that survived the tomb robbers. Amazing riches — his sarcophagus was made of 132 kilograms of solid gold — were found in his tomb. Yet he was an insignificant king who died shortly after ascending to power. Imagine the riches that would've been found in king Ramesses II's tomb. King Ramesses II ruled for 67 years.

The Egyptian museum is not to be missed. Most of King Tut's treasures are on display. The mummy's room is always a treat.

Egypt had female rulers. This is Queen Hatchpsut's Temple.

Karnak Temple. The biggest temple in the world. Built over centuries as each king added to it.

Luxor Temple. This temple was connected to the Karnak by a long street lined with sphinxes. The road is now buried under the city.

The Entrance to the Luxor temple.

The Abu Simble temple. A marvel of architecture built by King Ramesses II. The sun only shines inside the temple twice a year. Those days have a significance: King Ramesses II's birthday and coronation day. Threatened by flooding from the Nile, the entire temple was moved piece by piece and re-assembled at a different location. The best engineers in the world couldn't duplicate what Ramesses II's engineers succeeded in doing — they missed by one day. Now the sun shines inside the temple one day before the King's coronation day and one day before his birthday.

Kom Ombo Temple.

Isis Temple

Khae's tomb. Colors are so vibrant, it's hard to remember that these were drawn thousands of years ago.

Ramesses I tomb. About 3,500 years old. Why does my house need a coat of paint every 5 years?

How about a cruise down the Nile?

More contemporary history is also all around. Visit the Citadel of Salah el Din (who defeated the Crusaders) in Cairo.

The Mosque of Mohamed Ali shows the beauty of alabaster and contains the oldest alter in the world.

Visit the Coptic Museum. Egypt has churches as old as Christianity itself.

How about a change of pace? the Red Sea coast is yours to enjoy. Snorkeling, scuba diving, or just want to sit in the sun? you won't find prettier beaches anywhere in the world.

The Coral reefs are second in size — but not in beauty — to the great barrier reef in Australia. But unlike the Great Barrier Reef, Egypt is only a few hours away from Europe or the U.S.

There are many more places to go and things to see. We can't possibly show you everything...

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